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Frequently Asked Questions

San Antonio Car Credit

How will my Good Credit affect my auto loan?

With good credit we are able to approve your loan with the best rates and terms available.

I don’t have any credit; can I still get an auto loan?

Yes, you’re approved! Buyers with no credit can still receive financing with options designed for new buyers. Plus, by making your payments on-time you begin building your credit for the future.

I have bad credit; can I still get an auto loan?

Yes, You can! Our lending experience and partners offer programs designed to help those who have experienced credit troubles in the past rebuild their credit. Our lenders are experienced with bad credit and helping customers get approved.

I went through a bankruptcy; can I still get an auto loan?

Yes, you can get a loan! We specialize in financing for people who have been through a bankruptcy and are in need of a second chance. Good people get into trouble; we offer them a way out.

I have a tax lien; can I still get approved for an auto loan?

You’re approved! Our lenders have years of experience helping those in need and can help you find financing even with a tax lien.

I have another auto loan; can I still get an auto loan?

Yes you can! We can help you get approved for financing even with another loan. We may even be able to consolidate your loans and save you money.